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An Extensive Travel Guide to Bulgaria

You’ve made the right choice. Adding Bulgaria to your travel list, or even considering it, is a decision you will not regret. Bulgaria appeals to all types of wanderlust: outdoor lovers, beachgoers, culture and history buffs, foodies, and foreigners who enjoy being immersed in a place where they can’t read the signs or understand what people are saying (unless you’re Bulgarian or can read the Cyrillic alphabet). It sounds like a cliché, but Bulgaria truly has something for everyone. We’ve compiled this extensive guide to help you plan your ideal trip to this Balkan destination.

18 Best Hiking Leggings For Extreme Comfort On The Trails

We all recognize the word leggings for activities like yoga, going to the gym, or lounging, and usually, it’s in the context of women. Well, we’re here to tell you that leggings have found their way into the hiking world for both women and men. Hiking leggings have joined the chat. You might be thinking, “leggings aren’t pants,” but our extensive list of the 18 best hiking leggings will change your mind.

The Ultimate Guide to Nepal's Best Trekking Adventures

If you ask any avid hiker about their bucket list of trekking destinations, there’s no doubt that you’ll find Nepal on that list. Home to the world’s highest peaks, Nepal abounds with some of the best trekking in the world—and for a good reason. Think glaciers, snowy peaks, alpine meadows, barren alpine tundra above the treeline, cliffside trails, Sherpas, remote Hindu temples, viewpoints decorated with prayer flags—oh, and the constant sound of yak bells.